5 thoughts on “oddest spam emails

  1. These are a scam (there are several variants out there, most involving pugs, yorkies, or English bulldogs). Some of the scammers have their scripts really down, and can be convincing. If you ask for photos of the puppies, they will send you photos (pics of that breed stolen off the internet), and some may even have (fake) vet records/certificates. Money is usually needed for shipping, but sometimes they need it for veterinary certificates or something else instead.

    The important thing to know is that this isn’t a scam in which the puppies are going to the highest bidder, or the same litters are being sold several times over, because there are no puppies at all–they never existed.

  2. oh my god that’s awful! it takes a sick person to prey upon someone who wants to help animals. sheesh…
    spammers should be jailed for life IMO.

  3. Warning. I have heard of these emails. It’s just another way to get you to send them money to ship the dog to you, then you never hear from them again. Just using the dogs to prey on your soft spot.

  4. That’s awful people are sending spam like that. I haven’t gotten any, thank goodness I prolly would have went mad trying to contact her before more dogs ended up homeless. 🙁

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