my gift to you: Lily screensaver

Awhile back I designed a desktop image (‘screensaver’ for pc users) of Lily for my macbook, as I was using a field of grass image that was nice, but lacking in, something. So I designed the desktop image, because I wanted something light, with pale blue. Something that my folder icons would easily show on. I recalled Lily’s images and thought “perfect!”. So it has been living on my laptop ever since.

This week I thought to myself “self, why not make this available to your blog readers? after all, you love them and they are well-deserving.” OK!!

So I present to you: my first gift to you, lovely blog readers: a pretty pale image of Lily, just for you to use on your very own computer. Please note: I sized this for my laptop (it’s 1440×960), so you may need to have an additional color behind the screensaver image if it doesn’t fill your screen. I recommend using a very pale smoky blue. 

Just click on the following image to enlarge, then right-click and save to your hard drive. Set as your screensaver and enjoy! 🙂

Also, and I know this goes without saying, but please don’t sell this image or enter it into any contests or anything like that, or modify it or crop it in any way. Please be respectful of sweet Lily. Having said that, please feel free to send it to friends and family!

Happy Wednesday!