Coco: muppet in hiding and future agility champion ‘sneak-peek’

I had so much fun with Coco. I was convinced that if I stayed any longer her mom would have to kick me out. I could have photographed her all day. She had a super fun little personality, was very soft, and very happy, and very easy to photograph. The setting was gorgeous, and the sky kept changing and doing the coolest things. It was an awesome shoot.

true story: Coco got kicked out of the Muppets because Miss Piggy was jealous of her natural beauty and innate charisma. Coco’s fans wanted her to be president of the Muppets fan club, but Miss Piggy wasn’t having any of it. Not one to ruffle any feather boas, Coco gracefully decided to leave on her own accord (ok, she didn’t really get kicked out), and go and live with this nice family on Lake Washington. Now she spends her days practicing the art of ‘pound’ (see images below), and leaping high in training for the 2012 worldwide agility championships in Madrid.

Coco was a little bit embarrased that I took this next picture of her. She said “I feel like I look like I have a comb-over in this wind!”. I think it’s funny. Sorry Coco. 

Coco’s nose meet world. World meet Coco’s nose. No wonder Miss Piggy was jealous.

I told you she’s a muppet.

When she isn’t busy fielding emails from her former Muppet fan club members, she practices the fine art of ‘dock running’ with the wind blowing in her hair. She does this of course while licking her nose- something that apparently helps keep her from getting distracted from the task at hand. Hey- every future champion has their way!

Pre-dock run warm-up stretch. She has this really cool pink velour track suit that I desperately wanted to photograph her in but she was shy. Always modest that Coco.

It was quite windy down on the water. Coco posed nicely for me in this shot, unaware that the waves behind her were preparing to leap over and slap her on the back. I call this one: ‘blissfully unaware’.

And this next one is called: “WHOA”:

Here she is practicing her ‘pound’, the greeting that the kids and rap stars do these days where they bump their knuckles together. I know it looks like shake, but it’s not. It’s pound. Trust me. That first one caught me off guard, because I don’t know too many dogs who know pound. Do I know pound? Of course. I’m hip to the trends of the youngsters these days. In fact, I bought a Snoop-doggy dog CD just the other day.

I pulled out the flash and tried some fake, I mean, auxilliary lighting during our time on the dock. Still not totally sold on the idea. I guess I’m just resistant to accept it. I do love the sky behind her though. I had the camera set on a fast shutter speed, so that the background was still deep but she was exposed properly. What do you think? (I mean, aside from the fact that it’s totally tilted.)

I know it’s Seattle but these next shots make me think we were in California somewhere. Love the palm tree. I want a palm tree like that. In my living room. Charlie and Seymour can come over and pee on it. 

Coco planted some flowering moss (ok, she had some help from the gardener), that is so special that even when the Horticulture Club of America came to try and clone the moss they couldn’t get purple flowers to grow from it. Growing purple flowering moss is one of Coco’s many special talents. Here she makes sure it is growing ok and has everything it needs to be healthy. “are you ok moss?” “yes coco we’re fine. thank you.” “ok, let me know if you need anything”. “ok, thank you!”.

I’m telling ya, California. Or Nantucket. 

Oh, BTW, I have a new (or I should say newly updated) website that I am getting ready to launch this week. This is one of the things that has taken me so much time and been so much work lately. I started working on it in early March, and I swear it feels like it has taken forever! I am beyond ready to have it done, and get my life back, so working hard on finishing this week (just have the galleries left to do), so stay tuned for that. It looks awesome!!

7 thoughts on “Coco: muppet in hiding and future agility champion ‘sneak-peek’

  1. Hey Jamie,
    Fantastic photos.
    I love the one that Coco is posing for you in front of the waves.
    By the way, I think your new blog is awesome!

  2. Hi Jamie! I’m finally catching up here…your new blog looks fantasticko! The shots of Coco are amazing…I love them all. Hope all is well with you and Fergs!

  3. oh my gosh ~ what an {amazing} set!
    i particularly love the shots with the big heads!
    how did you shoot that? with what lens?
    they are {excellent}

    i also love the ones on the dock

    fab pics!!!

  4. I LOVE these shots – I don’t know which one is my favorite cuz they are all so good. I quite like the flash shots – they are well exposed and I like that you can clearly see the eyes.

  5. Hi Jamie!
    Coco is so cute! I love all of the shots and the one of the ball in mid air is my favorite. I cannot wait to see your website!

    How exciting!

    🙂 Melissa

  6. Those are stunning Jamie! What a beautiful day you had, amazing setting too. The close up of her nose I think is my favorite… I love that one!
    (side voice) what’s that boys? (pug mumble mumble mumble) They said they would like you to get a palm tree too 😉

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