100 bucks worth of peace of mind

I brought Fergie to the vet today, with concern. She had been peeing a lot and licking herself, and also doing this new strange gagging thing, and I thought her lymph nodes were swollen. Plus she just seemed, I don’t know, kind of out of sorts.

So we drive to the vet (Greenlake Animal Hospital– LOVE them!), and I collect a urine sample, and we have a nice long visit with the doctor, and he checks her eyes and ears, and throat, and teeth and gums, and palpates her organs, and checks her backend, and does a complete (and thorough!) checkup, and the urinalysis comes  back, and…………… she’s fine!!

Not a darn thing wrong with the girl, in fact, he says “she is a very healthy dog”, even weighed less than the 58 pounds I thought she weighed (she is currently 55). Being one that wants my dog to live a long, long life, I am always concerned about her weight (due to her cuteness she gets quite a few treats from people), and he said “I’d be cautious of her not losing any more than a pound or two”. Yippee!!

To say I was relieved would be an understatement. I am so happy she is healthy. And happy. That means more to me than pretty much anything else. Fergie is my love, my life. Her little trip to the vet was $100, but it was totally worth the peace of mind. 

Here is a shot of Fergie with her very favorite toy- the everlasting treat ball. That look on the left she gives to only me, when she is in a very good mood and wants to play with me. Her head gets very pointy and her eyes cross. Hilarious. 

The doc did say she might have some bladder issues stemming from her spay surgery. I had always felt she had problems in that area, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she did. I am supposed to keep an eye on her and look for signs of, well, I’ll spare you, but if I see them, I’ll take her back and get her some medication to take that will take care of the problem. But otherwise, she is fit as a fiddle. In fact, doc even said “whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”. YAY!!!

Fergie was rewarded for her great doctor’s office trip by having a play date tonight with her two favorite pugs- Charlie and Seymour. The dogs ran around and wrestled and played with each other and were total maniacs for about 2 hours. Charlie ate a greeting card and stood on my coffee table, Seymour barked at Fergie incessantly in an attempt to flirt, and Christina and I just watched and laughed. And tried to have a meeting to discuss business stuff to no avail. 

OH, and the boys brought not only Fergie, but ME a super sweet, very thoughtful gift. They know I have been working like a dog recently (sorry about the pun) and wanted me to relax and destress, so they brought me chocolate, a bath pillow, yummy french cookies from Le Panier, candles, bath beads, an eye mask; all things I can use to take a bath and relax. I plan to do that very thing this weekend!

And Fergie’s gift from Charlie and Seymour was 2 little gourmet doggie donut cookies complete with frosting and sprinkles (one is even pink!), and an awesome rubber ball that she will flip over after she recovers (she passed right out after the boys left). I’ll try to remember to take pictures of the rubber ball- it looks great and I have a feeling it will become a new fave. 

Sorry I don’t have any pics of the dogs from tonight, but here is a shot of my favorite puggie pies (Charlie left, Seymour right):

Oh and, Christina was working for me tonight because she is taking this 4-week intensive yoga class. M-F during the day. I can’t imagine that there would be 160+ hours of yoga one could learn but apparently there is! Poor Christina said she was “very sore” from doing yoga “for 2 1/2 hours straight” today. Whew!

Wish her luck on this journey! I’m anxious to see where she is when she finishes. Hopefully starting HER own business! (But of course she’ll still work for me. Forever, ha. 😉 )

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8 thoughts on “100 bucks worth of peace of mind

  1. ahh the bandages – well my crazy boy sliced his toe on the back steps (daddy has since gone crazy with the sander) and had to get stitches, the only problem being that he keeps reopening the stitches because of the akward spot of the cut so we’ve now hit the emergency vet 3 times and we see our regular vet every 2-3 days. We’ve finally gotten to the point that we have to sedate him slightly for the next 2 weeks to let it heal. He’s my million dollar baby – because he’s going to end up costing me a million dollars 🙂

  2. tracy- thank you SO much for the tip on the yogurt! I will start trying that right away. What a great suggestion, thank you!
    charlie- I saw the card in your mouth, don’t think you can blame your brother. 😉
    angie- still waiting to hear why in the world dozer has bandages!!
    grace-sorry if I freaked you out yesterday in email! I promise to send an email to you today.
    nicole- glad to hear I am not the only one who is a hypochondriac when it comes to my dog. I swear last year I was convinced she had a brain tumor! 😛

  3. I know all about that – I am a freak when it comes to Ella. Every little noise, grumble in the belly, sigh, whatever…it’s straight to the vet. I can’t wait to have a kid – I’m going to be a basket case. Glad to hear that Fergie is fine.

  4. $100 is so worth the peace of mind – Dozer use to ge sick so often, he was the runt of the litter and so young when we got him. I think we’ve spent at least 9 grand on him in a year – ouch! but I wouldn’t give him up for the world

  5. umm, I swear, the greeting card was Seymour. I would never tear into a deliciously paper-ey confection such as that….

  6. I found your blog accidently a few weeks ago and I love it! I had to comment about the possible bladder issues – my pup was spayed very young (before she left the humane society) and she kept getting infections…well the solution turned out to be to give her a little bit of yogurt a few times a week. Just like how the good stuff in yogurt can help us, it helps pups, too. I just thought I’d share that with you in hopes it might help.

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