new obsession-

Recently on her blog, my uber-talented dog artist friend Rebecca Landsdowne, leader of the pack over at ArtPaw, did a week of posts on colors. She introduced her blog readers to a website called, a place where people can design color palettes and patterns, and find inspiration for art and design projects, and whatever they use color for. I have yet to comment on Rebecca’s posts but I was in heaven because, well, this will come as no surprise but I LOVE COLOR!

I finally took the time to check out the colourlovers website today while I was cleaning house. Every 20 minutes or so I would sit down at the computer and design a new palette or pattern. It is totally fair to say that I am now completely obsessed. I have always been able to envision very specific colors in my head, but now I have a way to combine them, AND see really cool names for them too. LOVE colourlovers! Thank you Rebecca!

Here are some of my favorite patterns so far, several of which were inspired by photos I have taken, the last of which (‘garden’) is my favorite not designed by me- it’s super lovely.


If you go to and want to see the patterns and palettes I have designed so far (some of them even have 5 heart ratings!), search for my username: punchdrunk. Have fun!

3 thoughts on “new obsession-

  1. Ha, glad to hear I am not the only one with an obsession. I swear I could turn into a professional ‘colourlover’ and not get a darn thing done around here. 😉 Hopefully I’ll get over it soon!

  2. Glad you liked the color resources. Punchdrunk is great user name. Enjoy the community over at colourlovers … I had a huemongo addiction for awhile to that site. I am in recovery now taking it one shade at a time.
    Adobe has a similar site and pallet maker … this site did it first though.

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