Cinny ‘sneak-peek’

Although it had been awhile since I photographed a greyhound, I did not forget how sweet and sensitive they are. Cinny was no exception to this, and she was so sweet I wanted to shoot her all day!

Here are some of my favorites from our session. No spit this time I promise. 🙂

Isn’t Cinny pretty?

Happy, smily girl.

One of my faves of her…

it’s blurry but I couldn’t deny the head-tilt from this blog.

she is even pretty in black and white

Cinny is a retired racing greyhound, and we were hoping to get shots of her running to no avail (she wasn’t interested), hence the long lead. In this shot below, her look seems to say: “haven’t you bipeds made me run enough??”. Yeah Cinny, I can’t say I blame you honey. Poor girl.

Hmmm, big surprise with this next shot. What is that? Blue sky?? noooo…..

Every retired racing greyhound has their numbers tattoo’d inside their ear. I think Cinny’s translates to: ” thank god I don’t have to do THAT anymore…”

I am so predictable….

hey- there in nothing better than a greyhound yawning in front of a blue sky backdrop, IMHO. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Cinny ‘sneak-peek’

  1. I’m grinning from ear to ear. How could you resist that face and not give her treats? We had such a “greyt” time with Jamie.

  2. Ahhh – blue sky and a greyhound… my Sunday’s looking brighter already. I love that shot of her in the architectural thing.

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