We have moved our little blog on over to a new server, with a new domain name, and a totally new look!

Go check it out here, and please be sure to bookmark it!

We moved over to wordpress, after dealing with issue after issue trying to publish a blogger blog to an external server. (ok, actually I moved the blog over to wordpress, Christina just watched as I let out a big sigh of relief). Publishing with blogger was just getting worse and worse, and it had to stop.

I’m thrilled with the changes and I hope everyone who follows this blog is too. Now I can save much more time in posting to do what I really enjoy: take pictures! Plus I can show y’all the images in fullscreen mode. No more hassling with trying to get the perfect image size in the 3-column design without breaking things. This new blog design is getting very popular with photographers, for reasons you will see shortly.

For those of you who are interested in reading the full (boring) story about why I switched, and how I chose the platform, and what the template is, and where I bought it, please see the ‘new name, new look, new blog’ post on the new blog. For my photographer friends, if you purchase the template (which you totally should!) and have any questions about it please ask me! I can give you all the hints on tweaking the template to totally fit ‘you’.

I am still very much tweaking my blog design and haven’t yet added links or a menu (still debating on that one), so you will continue to see changes made, but the new address will remain the same.

I still want to be able to link to all of my virtual friends so I will figure out how to do that soon. I may even have a dedicated page for links, and put little images next to each link- samples of each person’s work or business.

Fun times!

Thanks for making the move with me. Your support is appreciated more than you could ever know. 🙂

Jamie ‘Cowbelly’

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