Angel: I want her, and you do too

I was at the Belltown off leash park early this week and met the most darling dog ever. Angel is her name.

Here is how we met:

I was looking for Fergie’s poop in the bark after she did her business, and this medium-sized, very happy young black lab mix came running up to me, smiling and wagging her tail as if she knew me. Not in an obnoxious, bowl you over kind of way, but in a very friendly “heyyy, long time no see” kind of way. Ears back, smiling, submissive, super sweet.

Given that I am always happy to reciprocate, I got down and said “well hello there!” and gave her a hug and some pets. The first two things I noticed were that she was very sweet, and also very soft. I surmised she must have still been a puppy because she had both puppy fur and that extra skin that puppies always seem to have. She seemed a bit clumsy as well.

So we said our hellos and then she went on her merry way, after having made a terrific impression on me.

So I watched her play with the other dogs, and her ‘brother’ and tried to get Fergie interested in playing with her, but the Fergster prefers the boys.

So I found out from one of the regulars that the black dog’s name is Angel, after telling him what a super dog she seemed to be. “Isn’t she great?” he said. Apparently everyone knew her but me.

So here is the story:

The reason why everyone there knows Angel is because she is essentially homeless. Or I should say- ‘foverer’-homeless.

She has been passed around from person to person, after her first owner abandoned her. She has had more homes in her first year of life than most dogs have in their entire lives. I think it’s been like 7 or 8?

Right now she is living with a foster mom who absolutely adores her, but she has another dog and is moving to NYC next month for a new (demanding) job. She is totally uncertain whether or not she’d be able to give Angel the kind of home she deserves, so is trying to find a permanent home for her. Plus she figures, it would be so much better for Angel to have a new permanent home here with someone who can really love her and care for her, than to subject her to yet another disruptive event by moving her across the country. Hence the reason for this post.

I normally don’t get involved in trying to rescue dogs, because there are so many people who do it and do it well, plus I like to donate money or services to rescue organizations instead, BUT, in this case, I just had to tell everyone about Angel.

She is a FANTASTIC dog.

I have met and worked with many many hundreds of different dogs over the years, and I can tell you, just from our short hour together, I know that Angel is special.

Why don’t I take her? First, as I mentioned above, Fergie is far more interested in playing with and engaging with boys than girls. She largely ignored Angel the entire time at the park, even when Angel tried to play with her. Fergie LOVES to play with the boys, and it only seems right to me to get a companion for her that she will be really interested in. The other, more important reason is that I am so gosh darn busy right now I don’t even make a very good doggie mommy for Fergie. For any new dog that comes into my life I would want to take several weeks off work to bond with the dog and do training and get acclimated to each other. Given my schedule there is no way that could happen anytime soon.

SO, I plead to anyone reading this who may be interested in bringing home a new dog, to please consider Angel. I guarantee you will fall in love with her. I have thought about her every day since I met her, and still am trying to rationalize a way I could keep her, even though I know it’s not reasonable. That’s how awesome she is. Let me put it this way: knowing what I know of her, and having met her, if I was searching for the perfect dog, I would drive through two states to take Angel home and keep her with me forever.

If you are interested in meeting her and possibly welcoming her into your home, please email me at and I will put you in touch with Angel’s foster mom. Who by the way has the following things to say about Angel:

“Angel is an absolute love. She is just over 1 year old, playful, sweet and loves to be loved. She is house trained, can do basic commands (including paw!) and walks pretty good on a leash too, not to mention she has the softest fur I’ve every felt! 

I just took her to the vet and had her first round of shots (Parvo and Rabies) and she is scheduled to be spayed on June 2.”

Oh yes, and of course, Angel is fantastic with other dogs- boys and girls alike.

Email me at if you are interested!!