New Cowbelly photography display

This afternoon Christina and I hung a new photography display at a great space- Sound Animal Services in the Interbay neighborhood (that’s east Magnolia for the uninitiated).

Many people know where this is because they have taken their dogs to be trained there by the well-known Jeff Tinsley and his excellent staff of trainers. I have known of Jeff for years, and met him for the first time while I worked for Scoops Pet Services about 8 or 9 years ago. Fergie and I even attended his obedience classes abot 2 years ago when she was newly adopted by me and just a pup.

So it is my thrill to have my photography hanging in the training space. Christina and I were rushing to get out of there before his class started at 6:15, but the happy dog owners were all early, which was great because it gave us a chance to meet some of them and say hi to the pups. I wasn’t expecting to be handing out business cards before even leaving but I am not complaining!

The display looks awesome and I am super happy it’s there. I hope it brightens up people’s already bright experience with their dogs. 🙂