Lovely Lily the Lab

Lily was one of the easiest dogs I have ever photographed. She is sweet, playful, adorable, fun-loving, patient, obedient, loving, smart, man you name it. I love her.

I knew the shoot was going to go well because the very first shot I took was exactly the kind of shot I was aiming for, only that shot was an accident because I hadn’t adjusted the settings yet. It held the perfect settings for the high-key shots I was really hoping to get during our shoot. Call it Serendipity.

the ‘parents shot’. Awww…

Lily is like a blonde Samson. Can’t you just picture the two of them as boyfriend and girlfriend? Totally…

More high-key shots. These next handful were done digitally, meaning in photoshop. The series after those were done manually- meaning- in the camera. The eyes are cool in the digitally processed images, but I met Lily and I know her eyes don’t look like that so I prefer the ‘natural’ ones best. Looks more like ‘her’.

The ‘naturally taken’ high-key shots.

And, of course, no Cowbelly shoot is complete without the blue sky shots. (I told you I’m obsessed.)

Hope you enjoyed Lily. I LOVE HER!!