I am crazy: four shoots in one day!

Yesterday I had FOUR photo shoots booked. One of them we rescheduled due to a skin infection (poor Murphy!), but the other three still happened. Now, I normally wouldn’t do more than one or two shoots in one day, but yesterday was special. See below.

The first shoot was for Lily- a private commission on Queen Anne, the second shoot was in Federal Way for a litter of NINE 7 1/2 week old Golden Retriever puppies (SO. CUTE.); the puppies I had been so desperately needing for my commercial project, and the last was for 5 dogs at Discovery Park in Magnolia- the very last and final commercial shoot for this particular project (yes, it’s still going on but I sent in the last of the deliverables late last night- Yippee!)

Yesterday was 7 hours straight of driving and photographing (with no assistant!) but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love being a dog (and puppy) photographer!!

Now, you may think I may be taking it easy today but no, I’ve gotta go buy some Red Bull because this afternoon I am doing a very exciting editorial photo shoot. I have had some location/background ideas in my head for a long time and today is the day to finally try and get them on my camera, and in the coolest way with three of my favorite people, and possibly my favorite two dogs ever.

I promise to share more once I can release details on today’s shoot! And the commercial job as well.

AND, I will post photos as soon as I can! I’ve got a bunch to share!! Since I recently purchased a new external hard drive- badly needed as the admin mac computer is nearly full- I have made the full switch to shooting exclusively in RAW and I am surprised I am actually really liking it!

Happy Monday to all! 🙂