Saturday/Sunday in Seattle

Remember the weekend recently when it was 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday and 45 degrees, windy and pouring rain on Sunday? Yeah? So do I. I did the following shoot for Scout and Ziggy on Saturday and then did the shots of Fergie that follow on Sunday. Note the contrast between the groups of images.

Hot Scout at the Arboretum.

A dog uses it’s tongue to try and cool off. Not sure if it was helping poor Ziggy here.

This helped a little.

It’s not that it was super bloody hot, but in comparison to the previous weeks it felt like 100 degrees.

Ok, this is pretty much what we all felt like at that shoot.

Ahh shade, under a pretty pink tree.

My favorite shot from the shoot. Curly tongue! BTW: did you know that when a dog’s tongue curls up like this it means he/she is really, really hot? Yep! Kind of like a leaf in the sun.

Now, that was Saturday.

Ready for Sunday? Here ya go.

Fergie, Discovery Park. The intention was to get shots of her catching the disk, which was a gift from Fergie’s grandpa. He had been wanting to go to DP with us for months to document her skills. We planned for that Sunday and the weather couldn’t have been worse. It doesn’t look too awful in the photos, but after 20 minutes of shooting my hands were so cold I couldn’t feel them and I said “Ok, let’s go!”. And we left.

This is funny. It was raining so hard I had to put a plastic bag around my camera. it was a good thing that I did. By the time we got back to the car we were soaked.

This shoot was really hard for me. The weather made it tough (notice my bad color and focus issues), but what made it really hard is that I have never watched Fergie catch a disc with anyone else. I was so amazed at her anti-gravity skills I kept forgetting to push the shutter button on my camera. I kept going “wow Fergie, wow!”, then would snap the shot after she hit the ground, kind of as an afterthought. This next one I like, and I think speaks volumes about the athletic side of the Fergermeister’s personality.

Now, I have been wishing hard for Mother Nature to get back on my (Seattle’s) side. Today she was in cooperation which was great for my shoot for D’ogi the puppy, but tomorrow I’d like sun too because we will be going back to Discovery Park for more disc throwing.

If anyone reading this has any effective weather dances or can pull some strings with MN, please help us here in the Northwest!

Thank you.

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