Cowbelly (and Fergie!) in the Spring 2008 issue of CityDog Magazine

I was beyond delighted today when I went to collect my biz mail and discovered the spring issue of CityDog Magazine had arrived.

Why so delighted, you ask?

Because when I opened up to the contents page, there staring at me was a big, beautiful purple photograph of my very favorite dog!

The photo of Fergie on the contents page is a shot I took for a neighborhood feature article, which for this issue is on my own hood- Queen Anne. For those who don’t live around here, Queen Anne is a two-tiered neighborhood that flanks downtown Seattle on the north end, and sits right on Puget Sound. Queen Anne contains the Space Needle, the Seattle Center, and a number of parks and overlooks that you frequently see in photos of Seattle.

Queen Anne is comprised of two parts: Queen Anne hill and lower Queen Anne. Then, the west side of lower Queen Anne is called ‘Uptown’. (I know, gets confusing). Upper QA is mainly families and single-family homes. Many of the houses are modest, mostly crafstman-style houses, but on the upper southwest side of QA you will find a plethora of multi-million dollar homes with million dollar views. Fergie and I often leave our modest home and walk the few blocks to gape at these mansions, imagining ourselves living there and frolicking on their vast lawns overlooking Puget Sound.

I digress.

Lower Queen Anne is more varied- single-family homes and apartments and condos, some with amazing views, from the fancy and expensive to the borderline run-down. Lots of early-1900’s brick buildings. Mainly young(er) people. Lots of restaurants, great nightlife, a movie theater, stores, a couple of parks, etc, etc. Oh, and me. And Fergie.

Back to the Spring issue of CityDog Magazine.

I did the editorial photography assignment to get photos to illustrate the article.

For those of you who aren’t in this area, and or, don’t subscribe to CityDog Magazine so won’t be seeing the issue/article, here are the images that ended up in the mag:

Kerry Park, one of my outdoor ‘studios’. Sits on Highland Drive, street of the million-dollar homes. A short three-minute walk from my place.

Fergie on the dog tie at Safeway. Queen Anne is VERY dog-friendly. Even the woman in line behind me at the bank today was there with her airedale terrier Victoria.

Poncho at Kinnear Park.

Oslo in his namesake store on Queen Anne Ave.

Oslo has a dog bed made out of men’s silk ties. Quite possibly the coolest dog bed ever and totally fitting given that he owns (ok, his dad owns) a men’s clothing store.

I dig how you can see the Space Needle in this shot against EMP.

The super friendly Mes Amis shop kitty. I think his name is Max (?).

Yummy food at All The Best. Fergie’s favorite store.

A newcomer to Seattle from So Cal. This poor girl was looking for a coat because she was fff-freezing.

You will also see my images in the spring issue article on cancer, but I can’t post those images here because they will make me cry. I’ve cried too many times already I tell ya!

Stay tuned for even more fun surprises for the Summer 2008 issue! Hopefully it will bring on the sun!

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