Beasties sneak peek- Bully, Zap and Dutch

Here is a sneak-peek at last Sunday’s Beautiful Beasties event images.

Bully the pug. Check out his little tongue bubble.

Bully was so fun. I love happy dogs.

Zap. A little live-wire.

L-R: Dutch, Bully & Zap. Bully got squished out of the middle just after this shot.

Dutch has the most handsome coloring.

Bully, lightened to show off the teeth. Ah, the teeth! hee hee hee

Like I said before, I could just build an outdoor bedroom and live there next to that purple wall it is so gorgeous. How awesome do Dutch and Zap look in front of it?

I just want to squish Bully he is so cute.

A first for me in 8 years of shooting dogs: one shot; two tongues; over the nose.

This is the front (street) side of EMP. The bronze is also very pretty, and looks great with warm-toned dogs. I also like it with Zap here.

This one is dedicated to Emmitt of Pug Notes fame!

These keesies had the most amazing fur. Their mom actually knits with the ‘leftovers’. I believe it.

Hey- who put that alpaca in there?!

Wait, that’s not an alpaca! It’s Dutch!! (In Bully’s stroller, hee hee whoo hoo). Poor guy was a very good sport for us stupid humans who were laughing hysterically at him. He got lots of looks at the Seattle Center during those 2 minutes of fame.

My apologies for the sparse posts lately! I have more balls in the air than a circus clown at the moment. I have been so busy that I have even missed my very favorite show, Lost, for the past 3 WEEKS!! I don’t think I’ve missed an episode in two seasons. I will just have to watch them online at some point. Don’t tell me what happens- my mom says “it’s getting reeeely good Jamie!”.

Tonight I am going to lay on the couch and relax and eat a super yummy chocolate-covered caramel apple that the delightful Bev Sparks gave me. Yum, yum.

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