Gone to the Dogs was a hit!

It would be totally fair to say that the CityDog Magazine art show this Thursday, titled ‘Gone to the Dogs’ was a rousing success on every level.

The space was filled with beautiful photography, incredible art and more than 350 people and their four-legged companions. Everywhere you turned you saw smiles, both human and canine alike.

At one point I walked outside to take some pictures and I overheard a gal say to her friends (all of whom were canine-less) “Wow, there are A LOT of dogs in there”, to which I waited for something bad to follow, and then she said “That’s SO cool!”.

Here are some of the pics I snapped.

The space late the night before the show.

The famous Bev Sparks work.

The talented Emily Reiman.

My Decopaw art, minus my artists bio which went up in the blank space on the wall right before the show. The canvas on the table was a backup for a big triptych that was going home with a client.

Jennifer Sellers, of “Barnyard Animals and Other Men I Know” infamy.

Shai Steiner of ‘Animals in Primary’ on the left; Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane on the right.

More of Shai Steiner’s bright and whimsical paintings. Shai was the first artist I ever did a joint show with in May of 2004.

Amy Soper of Dane & Dane photography photographing my little buddy Dozer. Dozer has now done one Feature shoot with me, a 14×16 Decopaw art piece, and as of this week, a huge 20×52 triptych canvas- the biggest I’ve ever stretched. His super sweet and wonderful mom Angie is one of my best clients. I can’t wait to see Amy’s shots of Darling Dozer. She is a super talented dog photographer.

Jenn Flynn’s darling black and white dog photos. She gifted the CityDog Magazine editor Brandie Ahlgren with the cutie-patootie Boston Terrier print at the end of the night as a thank you. Needless to say Brandie was thrilled.

More of Jenn Flynn’s beautiful work.

Bev Sparks in front of her display talking to a woman in the night’s most fabulous coat. Not including Nicole Ryan’s (owner of Mes Amis) standout grass green peacoat.

Doggies making introductions.

More doggies making introductions.

This event was THE place to see and be seen if you were a dog.

Humans and canines having a great time.

The view down from the mezzanine level. That’s my table there in the lower right. The people at the table are looking through a new studio sample custom photobook I recently added to my product line. The book is nothing short of stunning and was a huge hit at the event. I will post more photos of it here soon.

The view from the outside. The place was lit up with white Christmas lights, and Kathleen Eads of CityDog Magazine found these beautiful white silk flowers to place around the lights. It was so pretty in there.

For more images of the event see my online gallery here.

At the end of the night after all of the humans and their furry roommates left, we locked the doors and popped the champagne and all of the artists and photographers sat around eating cake and talking about how much fun it was. Actually, we only spent a few minutes talking about the night’s event, as we had already moved on to planning for future CityDog Social Club events. There were some amazing ideas passed around and given the connections that this group of people has, CityDog Magazine can do anything it sets it’s mind to! The rumor has it that the next one will be this summer.

I want to extend a sincere thanks to Brandie Ahlgren for giving me the opportunity to participate in the show, to Kathleen Eads for her unrelenting hard work, suggestions, brainstorming, communication and support to everyone (and for having the idea in the first place!!!), to Bev for loving Fergie so much during setup and bringing that tasty cake, to Nichole for listening to my Oscar week story, and also for not punching me in the face for asking her for her quote asap, (and to Brandie for the same), to Emily for sharing the hilarious youtube clip with me, and wearing such a knockout dress, to Angie for bringing and introducing me to Fatsa (the offer still stands to babysit!), to Shai for being the super sweet person you are and helping keep lookout for our surprise for Brandie, to Jenn for her super generous gift for Brandie and for waiting for her to finish her agonizingly long conversation, to my dad for his sincere compliments on my book and for letting me borrow his Lumix point-and-shoot, to Alan at Glazer’s who showed up to support me, to all of my clients who came out for the event and gave me the opportunity to see your pups again, to Noreen Lara who passed on the message to say hi, to the security guys for staying half the night to get the door situation worked out, to the guy who drove over from Issaquah at 1am with the key, and to my precious pup for being so patient with me in getting home. Whew!

Now I’m exhausted but I can’t wait for the next event! 🙂

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