Sometimes at this time of year it’s easy to get discouraged when you work outside and the weather is crummy. On Sunday I had a glorious shoot (yes it’s actually sunny in Seattle in the winter sometimes) but that’s not always the case.

As a location photographer it’s important to make the weather work for you, not against you, and to look for opportunities that exist in unlikely places.

Like this shoot of Hanalei. In the past I have been lucky if I get one or two ears-flying shots during a shoot, but in this one I captured no less than 23 photos of Hana’s ears flying, a stroke of luck only possible on a windy winter day.

In the 3rd to the last shot it looks like she is saying: “errrr……What?”

Hee hee hee, Hana makes me giggle… hopefully she’ll make you giggle too…

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