Isabel & Oliver pugs

I promised awhile back to put up a post with these guys’ images, so here they are!

I don’t need to say how much I love pugs, (ok- it’s a lot!), hopefully these images speak for me.

yay- pug butts!

Oliver- showing me what he thinks of me sticking my camera in his face.

Is Isabel one of the cutest pugs you have ever seen or what?

Curly tongue!

Oliver’s mom told me he looks like he is straight off the short bus when he runs. I quickly learned she was right. He is so funny, woohoo…

Yes, Isabel IS one of the cutest pugs you have ever seen.

Oliver looks like a Star Wars character in this next shot, does he not?

Ok, Oliver is pretty gosh darn cute too.

Love the puggie pies!!

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