Nikita & Wanda

Before I leave on my 2-week break I would like to leave my lovely blog audience with some content-rich image posts, starting with Nikita and Wanda.

These guys live in Tacoma, and you may recognize them from my recent ‘sneak peek pics’ post.

Nikita is the young age of 14 and Wanda is quickly gaining on him at 12. Nikita is the silvery-grey shepherd mix, Wanda the rust colored lab basset mix.

They were darling dogs both of them, and were a joy to photograph. We also lucked out with the weather, which doesn’t always happen at this time of year.

The kitty was pretty adorable too, and he kept cracking me up because he wasn’t afraid of the camera until the shutter fired, at which point he sort of startle in the most comical way, and then run away quickly, then come right back for more. I don’t remember what his name is (I kept forgetting during the shoot too, sorry buddy!) but I do know that it is a foreign word for ‘short bus’, hee hee hee.

All 3 of them were very photogenic, especially Wanda, who was also somewhat of a ham. I wish I could show you what her ears really looked like. She is a basset hound mix (her owners think) and her ears were just ginormous, which you can really only see in the shot with her head tilted backward.

And Nikita? Well, I think just looking at him in his images speaks volumes about this big gentle loving boy. Pure sweetness and light.

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