Sneak peek pics- Oliver and Isabel the pugs, Hanalei, Ziggy, Tina, Chica, Nikita, Wanda

There are so many new pictures that I want to share here, but don’t have time as I am in full panic mode trying to get all of my work done and shipped before Christmas. 4 clients down, 17 more to go!!

At least all of the last canvases for my final 6 Decopaw art clients are on order with my printer and most of my prints will ship out today. Wait, I just remembered I have one more client to order art for!! Ahhhhhhhh! Ok, actually, this isn’t a Christmas gift so I need to calm down a little.

Deep breaths….

But I did want to quickly share a few recent pics here to whet my lovely blog audience’s whistle for a little bit. Note: these are all regular (non-gift) shoots so there is no danger of giving away surprises.


Oliver (Isabel in background)






































































Ziggy & Tina














Tina (L)) Ziggy (R)






































































I promise to post more pics of these guys before Christmas!