Laughing dog images

I have gotten more shots of dogs laughing in the past week than I have all year. These guys are awesome! The only thing better than a smiling dog is a laughing dog, IMHO. Happy pet photography, yay!

Super swamped with work at the moment but I had to share.


Oliver, the dog who inspired this post. This shot made me giggle. Hard.
(Oliver has a sister pug and I promise to post more photos of them when I get the chance.)














Next up- Newman: Mr. Personality!

pardon the bad composition and background on this next one; it came from a decopaw sitting where I don’t pay any attention to what is in the background, hence the junk. Also, I had some exposure issues with Newman’s shoot because he was ready to roll straight out of the gate. Normally I take some test shots for a minute or two at the beginning of a shoot, but Newman was full of Kodak moments just seconds into our shoot. This was one of the first shots I took of him, just after stepping outside. Such is the case with pet photography! Mustalways be ready!













A very windy Seattle day yesterday shooting Hanalei the tricolor beagle. Love this shot. She is just as cute in person as she looks here. Wait till you see all of the flying ears shots of her!








And one more of Newman for the road! I have no idea what made his ears fly up like that.

this shot was horribly overexposed, but I did some quick photoshop work and managed a moderately acceptable save. It will work for the art process anyway! pardon the bad colors for my talented photographer friends. If I had more time I would have done a ‘real’ fix!














Hope you’re having a terrific Thanksgiving week! 🙂

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