Lisa Wogan’s new book: Unleashed

Lisa Wogan, published book author, regular contributor to the Bark and Seattle and CityDog magazines, and citizen of the fair city of Seattle, has a fabulous new book out titled “Unleashed: Climbing Canines, Hiking Hounds, Fishing Fidos, and Daring Dogs”

I had the chance to check out the book at the launch party on Saturday 10/20 at Urban Beast. Lisa was there along with the talented Bev Sparks, who photographed the cover, and the gals signed books all night to a large crowd of happy dog owners.

It was a successful turnout, and a great party as always by host Katie Rockwell, illustrious Urban Beast owner.

Sadly, by the time I had sold a gift certificate to a new Decopaw art client who had stopped by the party, and had them get their book signed, and caught up with Nichole of Dane & Dane and Brandie of CityDog, the books sold out so I didn’t get a chance to buy a copy. I was bummed but will pick one up the next time I am in Urban Beast, where you can find copies, along with on Amazon of course. BTW: Bev’s cover shot is just what Fergie looks like when she is doing her dock-jumping!

Lisa also has a new book coming out called “Dog Park Wisdom” in which she interviews yours-truly, so watch for a post on that book here in the future!

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