Holiday photography and art commissions + waiting list

First off, I want to apologize to my clients who have been waiting to either a) hear back from me on a voicemail or email they sent or b) are waiting on art proofs or their gallery.

I am getting super swamped with client work, a good chunk of which is holiday art commissions for folks. This is the way it usually goes, through the end of the year, with each day, and each week, getting busier than the day/week before.

I have a little bit of a wait list right now for new art commissions, about 2 weeks. What this means is, I will only be able to have a couple of handful of clients on the wait list that I’d be able to complete art commissions for in time for Christmas, given that the process takes 4-6 weeks.

Photography is looking very similar, with many of my weekend days in November already booked, and a couple of weekdays booked each week.

SO, what all of this means is that, if you are a potential client who has been following my blog, or has stumbled upon it via my website, and are considering doing something for the holidays, now is the time to contact me! 🙂

For those who wait until December 15th to contact me to do an art commission (trust me this happens every year), I will have really fabulous little gift certificate packages I can offer you, and will be doing something really special for my gift certificate clients this year.

For those who want tangibles to give (prints, art), pick up that phone or get those typing fingers ready, and drop me a line! Time is of the essence. 😉

Thanks so much!

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