Fergie at Olympic Sculpture Park

Moments after doing a shoot recently at the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle’s waterfront, I decided I just had to have photos of Fergie there as well, so I ran home and picked her up and ran back. I think it took me all of 15 minutes to get home, get back, and park. I love living on Queen Anne!

Since I don’t often photograph my little doggie gal, I try and squeeze in special times for me to shoot her. She had been so good that week (I think it was 2 weeks ago??), and I wanted to get her out to have fun. She loves the OSP (and so do I), and as you can see it was a beautiful day, so that is where we went.

I love her soooo much sometimes it hurts. I revel in how cute she can be. I ask her “how did you get so cute? Were your parents like that? Did you learn this behavior?” How could anybody not love this face?














At first I thought “the leash has got to go” because I am big on photos without distracting junk. But then I thought, you know, it looks kind of cool like that, in the upside down question mark. So I left it.














another “how did you get so cute?” shot…











love the ears and the paws. 🙂














this is a shot (below) where flash would have come in handy, to lighten up those deep pools of eyes. But I just can’t bring myself to fire a flash in a dog’s face, plus I can’t stand the look of even fill flash.

I have seen a small number of very talented pet photographers use outdoor fill flash to their advantage, where you can’t tell flash was used, but I have yet to invest any time into a) researching whether or not flash is safe for animals’ eyes (my primary concern) and b) how to get bright outdoor fill-flash photos that look totally natural. Not totally opposed to trying it but still on the fence.

Flash or no flash, I still love this photo of the Fergster. I actually also love the light falloff on the edges from the filter. Probably not so much for client shoots, but for me, yeah, I like it.














More photographs to come this week! I did a new favorite shoot this past Saturday at Discovery Park with an amazing family and their beautiful dog Abby. The colors in the park and Puget Sound were beyond incredible and I am excited to share the images.

And I also finished with Gus, Pez and Grace’s decopaw art and will post that as well.

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

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  1. What a nice idea for a blog! I have recently moved to Seattle and was searching around for other local blogs to connect with when I came across yours. I love animals and have a dog of my own. I’m sure I will be dropping by your blog again:)

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