Ruby, Roxie & Rio

These gorgeous gals were photographed last Friday by yours-truly at Three Tree Point in Burien, a super cool little beachfront community that is ironically just a stones throw from 2 other Cowbelly clients who live on Seola Beach Drive, which is right around the bend but inaccessible by car.

Three Tree Point was an ideal setting for these energetic and fun-loving labs, who were equally at home in the sand and surf and on the beach house couch. I had never been to the area before and I loved it so much that all the way home I fantasized about having a house there- it is so cool!

I had a blast shooting them- so much so that I didn’t want to leave.

A big ‘thank you’ to Rio’s mom for getting a gift certificate for Ruby’s mom, to both of them for having me come down, and an even bigger thanks to my dad who told Rio’s mom about me. Yay. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite shots of the girls, in the order they were taken.

Ruby on her porch, looking stately.














Ruby watching for visitors. Her house is set high above the street.














Ruby and her sister (littermate) Roxie, waiting to go to the beach.














Ruby’s ball obsession rivals Fergie’s. I can just hear them having a conversation over a beer “oh yeah? Well I caught a ball that was thrown ONE HUNDRED FEET in the air”, “that’s nothing, I swam 500 yards into cold water to get MY ball…” hee hee hee














Oh yeah, crazy labs in action…..














This is my favorite shot of Rio. She reminds me so much of someone else I know, but I can’t put my finger on who….














The shot below has some exposure issues but I love it. Rio is in the front looking sweet and gentle, Ruby is behind her, coming in for a landing to see who has her ball.














Ruby was so incredibly well-behaved and was a really stupendous model.












This absolutely adorable guy below is ‘the neighborhood doggie’ and popped in for a drink of water. He was delighted when he discovered that not only would he be getting a drink, but some yummy stinky treats too.














A Cowbelly signature ‘big nose’ shot.














Ruby discovered that modeling is hard work and at one point went outside on the deck to crash in a chair.














My 2nd favorite thing on a dog is little teeth, which Roxie totally has going on in this shot. She’s too funny….














And one of the very last shots I took and the reason why I always keep my camera out of the bag until I am out the door.














Ruby’s mom is going to do a triptych of canvases and I can wait to see which images she picks!

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