This is Mia. She is an 11-month old English Bulldog puppy.

Her dad found me through a google search and was sold on my shot of Henry the English Bulldog, who you can find in the dogs gallery on my new website: http://www.cowbelly.com/dogs.html.

We did her shoot last Friday at Kerry Park on Queen Anne, a Seattle park with possibly the best view of the city outside of the Space Needle (where dogs sadly are not allowed).

She and her dad were a joy to work with so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of this cute little girl.

I love this one of Mia because it looks like she has blue heart-shaped wings. And look at the little lip!! This is my favorite feature on a dog.














Mia had that great bulldog curiosity and inquisitiveness. This is the same look that Henry gave me in his ‘through the fence’ shot.














Her ears go straight up when she is in the right mood…














This is her dad’s favorite shot.












I hope to see both Mia and her dad in the future at doggy events around Seattle!

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