This week is all about Fergie- yay!!

For those of you who don’t know who Fergie is, I have to say I’m not surprised, lol! Fergie is not only the Cowbelly mascot, she is also my dog. A dog who has been neglected on this blog until now.


With the exception of a stellar birthday experience on Whidbey Island in July, poor Fergie has been fairly neglected by me this summer. Neglected not just on a day-to-day basis, but also on this blog, hence my lack of surprise if you didn’t know who she was.

You see, I have been nose-deep in client work and projects, and my book, that I haven’t given her the time or attention that she deserves. Also, and this fact may be even sadder, even though I have been shooting pets for about 7 years now (3 hobby/4 professionally), and have had my darling dog for over a year and a half, it wasn’t until LAST WEEK that I hung a photograph of Fergie in my home!

I desire to rectify these horrible injustices this week by showing her the love that she has earned, not just in our personal lives, but on this blog as well.

If I can stay on track, this is what this week will look like:

Monday- introduce you to Fergie

Tuesday- tell her background story and show pictures of her when she was ‘yay’ big

Wednesday- ‘tag’ her to tell 8 random facts about herself. (I know, I already tagged my 8 people, and I forgot about Fergie- so sad- bad mommy). This may even include a hilarious little video of her taken late one night by yours-truly.

Thursday- describe her likes, dislikes and loves and share some of her friends with you.

Friday- share why I love her so much and how deeply I feel the human-animal connection both with my dog, and my clients pets, which will explain why I do what I do for work.

Then, no posts this weekend because we are going to Sequim for the big annual Puget Sound Dock Dogs Labor Day Getaway- yippee! Bet you didn’t know that Fergie was a dock dog! (More on that later)

Thanks for checking us out this week and I am excited to share Fergie with the world! She’d say hi herself but she’s crashed out on her bed behind me. 😉

Ok wait- I can’t post this without including more pictures of Fergie, it just doesn’t seem fair to her. Here are some more of my favorites of her.

In case you are wondering, this it the photograph of her I just hung in my home. I am really enamored with the colors in this shot- the green gives it just a little bit of ‘something extra’. It was taken on Whidbey Island, and you can see Mt. Ranier wayyy off in the distance.










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