cutest. puppy. ever.

Yesterday was a day I was very much looking forward to- my artist’s reception in my very own hood, at Queen Anne’s All The Best Pet Care store. The large decopaw art display went up, and looks terrific. It really livens up their walls, which, incidentally were filled with nail holes. So having bright, happy, colorful dogs and cats covering those walls is a very good thing.

I had a super fun time there talking to the customers and playing with the dogs, and I look very forward to working with many of the people I chatted with.

One of the dogs I met stood out above the rest: a little 11-week old white American Bulldog puppy named Daphny. In my humble opinion Daphny is the cutest. puppy. ever. See for yourself. 🙂

For more cute puppy photos go here.

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Jamie Cowbelly

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  1. Great shots, Jamie…and you are so right about Miss Daphney. What a puppy princess!

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