Artist’s Reception at All The Best Pet Care on Queen Anne (upper)

I am super excited to announce that I will be holding an artist’s reception/meet-n-greet at the Queen Anne location of All The Best Pet Care this Saturday 6/23 from 11-4.

As a Queen Anne resident, this is where I do all of my shopping for Fergie’s doggy needs, and the last time I was in there I just happened to mention to the manager that I am a professional pet photographer. He told me that this month Queen Anne is having their first monthly Art Walk, on the 3rd Thursday of every month at participating merchants.

He thought that it would be fun if I came up and brought some art samples and business cards and met all of the great Queen Anne residents and their pooches. I agreed!

Although not officially on the Art Walk list in terms of displays and locations (we were too late to get on the list, and for me to get a new batch of art together), we thought having an artists’s reception would be fun, and then starting next month have an official ‘show’, which if I have any control over will be photography (not art).

I haven’t had a photography display up in several years, since I started offering my decopaw art, and am anxious to get more visibility for my photography- my #1 passion. This is the first step in that direction.

In the future, I will start holding photography events at All The Best and my other Seattle retailers/marketing partners.

SO, here are the details for this month, I will post more on next month as they come:


Me- Jamie Pflughoeft, professional pet photographer and artist


Saturday 6/23 11am-4pm


Queen Anne location of All The Best Pet Store
2127 Queen Anne Ave N- upper Queen Anne near Starbucks, Paragon and Safeway


Treats, hugs and love for the doggies, art and photography samples and a portfolio for their parents to view, plus all of the information one could ever need on Cowbelly Pet Photography services.


Because it’s a super fun thing you can do with your dogs, and you also need to pick up some food/treats/toys/kitty litter, etc!

Please forward to anyone you think may be interested!

Hope to see everyone there!

Jamie Cowbelly

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