New Decopaw art piece- Lucy Soft Sun

This art piece is for Lucy’s mom, a gift from her son (Lucy’s moms son, not Lucy’s son).

It’s funny- more often than not, my favorite proof ends up not to be the favorite of my clients. Out of the 4 proofs that I design it almost never fails that my favorite ends up sitting on my harddrive.

That is the beauty of this design process. Everyone has their own tastes in art, which are very subjective, and this process gives me the flexibility to really nail down a piece that they are really happy with. Being able to make changes once the initial proofs are done is great too- it’s something I usually end up doing with each piece to make slight tweaks or even major color changes.

I am super picky about art- so if it was me commissioning one of my own pieces, I would be sending me paint chips and hand-drawn sketches and pages from magazines, and references to tons of examples. I would be a pain in my own butt, lol!

So, back to the proofs that end up sitting on my harddrive, I have decided to post my favorites (‘rejects’, lol), here so they don’t feel left out. 🙂

This is Lucy. She is a Papillon. It is french for ‘butterfly’. Just like their ears (um, butterflies, not french). Oh whatever! (I need some coffee…)


This is my fave

“Lucy Winter Sky”

and this is my client’s fave (and his mom’s b-day gift!)

“Lucy Soft Sun”

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2 thoughts on “New Decopaw art piece- Lucy Soft Sun

  1. Can you imagine a traditional oil painter creating 4 different oil paintings to submit to their clients only to have them not pick their own favorite? Working as digital artists we get to set our business model up to have the client play the role of educated art director. Sometimes I have clients get stumped by all the proof options and ask me for my favorite … that does not mean that the office vote where they work will not still win out. I think posting your favs in your blog is a great way to stay true to your own inner voice.
    Keep up the great work and the great blogging.

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