Popular dog photo on dpreview.com community gallery

As a photographer, there is nothing better than high reviews by other professional photographers, especially those you consider to be wayyy better than you and much more skilled with the camera.

The crazy dogs gallery was also submitted to the dpreview community gallery and one of the images has turned out to be one of the 1,000 ‘all-time popular’ photos, in short order. Popular photos are based on the # of both photo comments and the # of thumbs-up clicks, indicating approval from fellow photographers. The photo has been viewed 2,826 times since posted on 5/20.

This makes me a very happy pet photographer. And from the look on her face, I think Freedom is happy to be chosen too:

Here is the link to the dpreview popular photos gallery:

Enjoy and have a terrific holiday weekend! 🙂

Jamie Cowbelly

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One thought on “Popular dog photo on dpreview.com community gallery

  1. Wow, congrats Jamie…that is just the best! That is such a compliment…and so deserved.

    Hope you and Fergie have a really nice weekend! xoxo

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