New Decopaw feature- Grizz

Grizz Diaz De Leon of Seattle, Washington

This is Grizz. He is a sweet boy. He lives in an old farmhouse in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle. Like all good dogs, he likes to bark at mail carriers and UPS trucks. He loves going hiking and chasing cats and squirrels. And ladies, he IS single. Although he does have a girlfriend that lives down the alley. Although she is a little bit fickle.

For more info on the story behind Grizz’s art, click here: current decopaw feature

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One thought on “New Decopaw feature- Grizz

  1. I think Grizz would have had a crush on Abby and vice versa!

    This is an absolutely gorgeous work of art, Jamie. You really captured something special here…and I can see why your clients are thrilled.

    Hugs to Fergie! xo

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