Decopaw art of the week- Coco Chien

I love it when clients challenge me. I bore easily and find that the more brainstorming that is required by me on a project the more fun it is. I especially love if I am given general guidelines but quite a bit of creative freedom.

This post is about art I am creating of Coco. She is the adorable Brussels Griffon puppy in the proofs near the bottom of the post. She is only about ‘yay’ high and weighs about a ‘smidge’.

Her dad was referred to me by Zoe’s owner (Zoe being the cute bulldog dog below), after seeing Zoe’s art hanging in his home, which Coco’s dad eventually bought (the home, not Zoe’s art). Zoe was challenge #1, as Zoe’s mother-in law wanted something ‘glamour-girl-high-fashion’-like. This was new for me as I usually do nature-inspired themes and most of the brushes and custom shapes that I have designed have been along this vein. But lucky for me Zoe’s mom-in-law brought along some high-fashion elements like the masks and shoes and jewelry and bags that I collaged together in the art.

But Zoe’s mom and dad were thrilled and Coco’s dad was inspired to have me create something similar, but more in the Paris Hilton- Lindsey Lohan- LA fashion vein.

Below are the proofs that I came up with. The 3rd proof is Coco sitting amongst Tiffany boxes, because, really, a girl can never have too many Tiffany boxes.

I created all of the shapes that are used to make the elements in Coco’s art.

It was fun to decide which shapes to make and how to arrange them in a ‘Paris Hilton’ sort of way. I wonder what Paris would think of Coco’s art. 🙂

It looks like Coco’s dad is going with the pink ‘Coco Chien’ proof. Awwww…..

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  1. Jamie…these are great! I especially like the “Zoe in the City” one. It is SO cool.

    Abby is taking a nap with her head under our bed which is her favorite way to sleep. We’re hanging in there!


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