Decopaw art pic of the week

I love this project. This is a 12-year old guy named Houndog. He has spent his entire life with his mom, after she rescued him from a bunch of crazy drunken gun-toting rednecks in Oregon as a puppy. Houndog’s mom and dad had a great video of him running on the beach that they were hoping I could use to create art from. They sent me the following still image from the video that they really loved and felt really expressed Houndog’s happy nature.







I took a look at it and played around with the resolution and determined that sadly it wouldn’t work for the art. It was such a cute shot of him however that I was determined to give them what they were looking for. I suggested a decopaw sitting at Gasworks so I could snap some running shots of Houndog. I was thrilled when I saw the images of him running with his ears flying, and felt that I could give them something very close to their original vision.

The result is the ‘simple’ design proof that you see below- “Houndog Running Smoke Blue”. I love the dynamic of the shadow and his ‘vertical’ ear.












The last photo is the image that I captured at Gasworks that I designed the art from. Yay Houndog! How cute is he? 🙂












It looks like Houndog’s parents are going with the above proof, in a slightly lighter color. I’m psyched because this is my favorite one too!

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2 thoughts on “Decopaw art pic of the week

  1. your clients ARE thrilled!! thank you so much jamie, you (and houndog) have brought great joy to our lives looking at this art. we’re hooked, do you do goldfish? xo!

  2. Jamie…this is awesome! I bet your clients were thrilled.

    Hope the weather is treating you better up there. Have a great weekend.:)

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