Yay It’s Sunday!

Yesterday was a very long, 12-hour workday. Not that 12 hours is unusual for Cowbelly, in fact, it’s pretty common, but yesterday was filled with back-to-back physical activities- photo shoots, canvas stretching, bank run, 2 art drop offs at clients, picking up the dog, etc, etc. It didn’t end until after midnight. When I woke up I felt like I had been run over by a truck. A big one.

BUT, everything went off without a hitch and I couldn’t be more thrilled about how things went! Ella the portuguese water dog’s Decopaw shoot went great, and talk about a sweet girl. Man is she sweet.

Here is Ella. She lives in the Mt. Baker Neighborhood.

We are going to be creating Decopaw art for Ella for her little brother’s nursery. He is set to be born any second now and I am hoping that we can at least get the creation process and art ordered from my printer within the next week. It’s tight but I know they are motivated so we can do it. Ella’s mom has the idea to do a triptych like Lily’s, on the feature page of decopaw.com.

We’d do Ella’s art on three seperate canvases, in sea blues, oranges, yellows, apple greens and pinks.

I am really excited to get started. We just need to pick the images we want to use for the art and I can get going.

Last night was Sue’s party for Greg. He is soon going in for double knee replacement surgery and she held a huge surprise ‘pre-get-well-soon’ party at their beautiful house on the water in West Seattle. Friends from all over the western states came in for the surprise. The party was truly gorgeous, the guests were happy and alight with tangible love for Greg and Sue, and the phenomenal food was catered by Mistral restaurant in Seattle http://www.mistralseattle.com/.

Chef William Beleckis and his crew worked their magic in Sue and Greg’s kitchen and pretty soon a crowd had gathered to watch them.

The flavors coming out of that kitchen were truly unique and incredible. I am not easy to please food-wise, as I have spent a lifetime dining in the greatest restaurants with my foodie dad, and every month he and I and my sister try a new place in Seattle that none of us has ever been to. I get bored easily with the same old northwest fusion cuisine and like music, feel like I have heard it all before. Mistral has been on our list for awhile and now I think we’ll have to plan a December dinner there.

So Sue invited yours-truly to photograph the party, which was a huge compliment considering I specialize in pets and don’t usually do events or parties. It turned out great, and after about 30 minutes of test shots trying to get my brand-new uber complicated bounce flash to work on their multi-leveled ceiling, I got some good shots that I think Sue will be happy with. The look of pure surprise on Greg’s face in the last shot when he saw all of his friends emerge from the shadows of their living room made the whole night, and what I was praying to capture. What a great party.

Oh, and I also dropped off and hung both Sue’s art, and Jana’s art down the street. At Jana’s I was in a ‘love brawl’ with Ivar, Morgan, Scarlet and Cubbie. I was in heaven and ended up back at Sue’s covered in white dog hair.

Sue’s canvases:

Jana’s prints:

Al in all it was an awesome day!!

Today I get to relax, and tomorrow I am taking my first day off in I don’t remember how long (months I’m sure).

Tonight I have a date and I am really looking forward to taking a bath and getting all girlie and good smelling. I spend entirely too much time dressed like I am on my way to the dog park or I just woke up, and I am really looking forward to looking and smelling like a woman again. I will be cooking for us here in my tiny kitchen and probably pick up some Buffalo Bill’s pumpkin ale (best beer ever: http://www.buffalobillsbrewery.com/beersset.htm), to go with our steak and garlic mashed potatoes. My garlic mashers have been fought over at family gatherings and no matter how hard I try and how much I make there never seem to be leftovers. I have a secret for making them that brings lots of flavor out. Mmm, getting hungry just thinking about them.

I just need to get some e-mails sent, my place and myself cleaned up and then it’s 36 hours of pure relaxation. I may even turn my phone off. 😉

Chow till, next week!

Jamie Cowbelly

Before I forget- I got a text message this morning from my dear friend Steve in Nashville saying that he had just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail- 75 miles in 7 days. Way to go Stevie- you should be so proud!! Love ya kiddo!

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