Hyde sunny day photo shoot

I have always wanted a big lab/mastiff/whatever mix, the kind of dog that is giant yet gentle, powerful yet slow, who leans against your leg and looks up at you adoringly. Hyde is that dog, and he is a sweetie! I swear I would have stolen him and taken him home if his parents hadn’t been there. I really hope one day I can add a ‘Hyde-like’ dog into my mix. Hope you guys like him as much as I did!

P.S. the rains have returned to Seattle big time and the 10 day forecast calls for rain rain rain. I will miss these beautiful sunny shoots until next spring. It’s really hard to believe this was just a few weeks ago, and I was sweating during this shoot. Ah well, it was a great sunny summer and early fall!

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3 thoughts on “Hyde sunny day photo shoot

  1. Great photographs you must be a pro to get such great shots. Hyde is a natural movie stat and a dog I would love to own.

    Thanks for an excellent job, I appreciate the effort you put in to this.

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