Jones the adorable Golden Retriever puppy

It took me kind of forever to pick images for this blog post, because Jones is so gosh darn adorable!! Don’t you agree? Get ready for an overwhelming amount of adorableness.

The many smile of Jones.

I call this next series: ‘Jones learns how to go wading’

Some of you may remember Buck and Hank from a session I did with them and their sweet departed sister Scout back in late 2010. Jones is a new addition to the family, and we had to get some photos of the newest family member for posterity. (I’ll be doing a separate post of Buck and Hank’s images.)

The boys all run UP the stairs, and then they all come back down. LOL.

Wheeeee! All he needs is a super hero cape.

Robin told me before our shoot that “Jones is 5 months old and looks like he belongs in a toilet paper commercial”. Yep, totally.

I call this next photo ‘whisker’

The boys were all tired from playing in the yard so we decided to have a little nap in the middle of our session. Buck and Hank like to nap together (right), when Hank isn’t busy lying on his back with his feet in the air (left).

Can you just see this next shot on a giant canvas. I have something really special in mind for these guys in the way of products. It’s something I’ve never done before (and never seen done before), but I’m hoping Jones, Buck and Hank’s parents go for it. I’ll keep y’all posted.

And last but not least: my favorite from the session.

Here’s a funny story:

When I got to the house and Robin (the boys’ mom) opened the front door, I took one look at Jones, and went ‘OHMAGAWD, eeeeeee!!”, to which he furrowed his brow, took two steps back and barked at me as ferociously as a 5-month old puppy could. It was hysterical.

Ok, now who wants a puppy??!

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