Max the Italian Greyhound’s sunny day out in Seattle

It took me a long time to do this blog post because there were so many shots of Max that ended up being my favorites, and picking a few for a blog post was challenging at best.

We had our shoot on a recent drop-dead-gorgeous day when all the people and dogs were out and about enjoying the sun. Two locations are included in every one of my photo shoots, and the locations we chose couldn’t have been better. The shoot was quite long at nearly four hours, but I always go above and beyond to please my clients and capture all the shots on our shot list (“however long it takes” is my motto!). We actually even hit up a third location to get the final shots you see overlooking the Space Needle. It was super fun day and I hope Max’s parents are thrilled with the images!

I usually take most of my shots in portrait/vertical orientation, but with this shoot I remembered how gorgeous Italian Greyhounds look in profile.

And they are pretty darn cute straight on too.

I promise you that is a real shot and not one of those fake backdrops you can pose against to get your picture taken at the Seattle Center. Lol!

Hope everyone enjoyed the photos of darling Max the Iggy!


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4 thoughts on “Max the Italian Greyhound’s sunny day out in Seattle

  1. Jamie, we had sooooo much fun doing this photo shoot with our Max. Can you believe he’s 11 years old? Thank you!

  2. Wow! These photos are soooo amazing. As a newbie to the pet photography scene, I aspire to be this good one day. Ordering your book now.

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