Chugach and Neva

These uber-sweet dogs were unfortunately both diagnosed with cancer recently, independently of each other. We were on a mission to capture some great images of these furkids for posterity. Sadly on our first shoot Neva, the rottie, was feeling very unwell, and our second shoot got rained out. But the third shoot was gorgeous and I’m really happy we got the great variety of images that we did. I hope their parents are too!

I said “sit NEXT to each other, not ON each other”. lol.

In my teachings, I call the look on the right below “treat face”.

Sometimes a little creativity is all you need to create a great shot. The awesome fabric below is a curtain we pulled off the window. Thankfully Chug and Neva’s parents were happy to comply with my request!

Thanks so much Nicole and Joey for such fun shoots! It was a joy working with Chugach and Neva and I hope you love your images!

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6 thoughts on “Chugach and Neva

  1. Is is so sad to know that these lovable and adorable furry friends has cancer. It is such a vicious disease, I hope that they will get better soon and will start playing and making their owners life happy again.

  2. I am so envious of that last shot! I want a shot of my pups enjoying a car ride 🙂 I would have to blow that sucker up BIG and hang it prominently in my house!

    1. HA HA HA, I’d love to get one of Fergie too! Sadly she doesn’t hang her head out the window. Maybe a little nose, but not the head and ears. Takes a certain kind of dog I’ve learned.

  3. Can I please just wrap them both up in my arms and squeeze and hug them and love them? I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again…I hate cancer. I hate people cancer. I hate dog cancer.

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