Ruckus and Albert

These cuties make a great case for adoption and rescue. They were both ‘previously enjoyed’ pooches, and are about the cutest, most well behaved, awesomest dogs around! I fell completely in love with Albert during our shoot, and Ruckus had me cracking up the entire time. Ruckus is a 10 year old ‘Jack-Rat’ (JRT/Rat Terrier), and Albert is a 4 year old Brussels Griffon mystery mutt mixture. Albert also came from the same wonderful shelter Fergie did- PAWS in Lynwood washington. How cute are these dogs?!

Thank you so much Eleanor for bringing the boys to our shoot! It was a joy meeting them and I hope this inspires other people out there to rescue pets! 🙂

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  1. Love them!!! I have three “previously enjoyed” pooches and these little guys made me chuckle. They are so stinking cute!

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