orangutans and jaguars and meerkats, oh my!

Back in December I went to the Woodland Park Zoo with my sister Michelle. It has taken me this long to post the photos because I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites. That trip to the zoo, and my photographic experience there, was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. It touched me, it changed me, and it deeply moved me. So much so that when I got home I did a google search on what it takes to be a wildlife photographer. Perhaps I have found a second career after pet photography? I have had a profound love of animals since I was a tiny little kid, and anytime I get to spend time around animals of any kind the child in me returns. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, and whether or not I ever decide to change careers, one thing is for sure- this won’t be my last photographic trip to the zoo. πŸ™‚

(random wild animals in this post- another long post with gorillas to come)

When Michelle and I were there they had an animal enrichment event going on, and we got to see the Elephants and Meerkats get special treats.

For the Meerkats it was cranberries in egg cartons. How cute are these guys?

Many of the photos in this post were taken through glass at very high ISO’s, so I apologize for the noise.

The Woodland Park Zoo is filled with beautiful pieces of art, like you see below.

Oh my gosh you guys, when we were there I fell head over heels in love with the orangutan you see below.

Michelle took some photos of me with the orangutan with her point and shoot, which I just had to include in this post, even with the horrible quality (the glass reflection in this spot was high, so I had to do extensive processing). I promise you I was not staring into her eyes, nor did I make any direct eye contact. But I felt completely connected to her nevertheless.

This makes my heart melt, and I think you can see why.

Thank you Woodland Park Zoo for providing me with one of the best experiences of my life. I cannot wait to come back.

gorillas to come!

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12 thoughts on “orangutans and jaguars and meerkats, oh my!

  1. These are so inspiring to any photographer and/or animal lover! Thank you for sharing them! It is definitely an area you should explore more. I’ve been involved with rescue for several years now. Animals are where my spirit derives from and my passion lives. Would you mind my asking what lens(es) you shot with?

  2. Oooo, i love these! Funny you should say about wildlife photography, years ago i always wanted to be a wildlife photographer, i just LOVE animals! There is this famous wildlife photographer, Andy Rouse, who lives just around the corner from me, he’s always out in Africa photographing Rhino’s etc…IM SO JEALOUS! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jamie! Amazing pictures! I think you would be a fantastic wildlife photographer. But it is heartbreaking to see all these animals in captivity.

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