Bouncer: Fergie look-alike

The first thing you will notice about Bouncer is that he bears a striking resemblance to my girl Fergie. The second thing you will notice is that he looks like he is a whole lotta fun! Because of the first thing, I spent the entire shoot trying not to call him Fergie, and because of the second thing, I laughed through it all even when I did!



Bouncer also made his way to the homepage of my website here.

Donna thank you so much for picking me to photograph your awesome guy! I have a sneaky feeling he and Fergie will meet one of these days, and with any luck, will totally hit it off and become best buds. Looking forward to seeing your triptych printed on canvas! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bouncer: Fergie look-alike

  1. Great shots Jamie, he does look like the Ferg! I love the shot of him being dried off, but still resolutely holding onto his ball! Hehe

  2. Jamie — You are a pet photog rock star! I could look at your pics all day long (even when they don’t include Bouncer!). Thanks for working with both of us, and for making this truly special event surpass my expectations!

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