NYC doggies ~ Passport Workshop dog models

My favorite photos of our Passport NYC Pet Photography Workshop dog models.

This is Eden. It took her about 10 seconds to have me wrapped around her little paw.


Otis the basset puppy. How cute is he?


Olive and her brother Charlie. They came all the way in to the big city from Queens to have their pictures taken! They were full of spunk and energy, and gave great focus when they saw a squirrel.


Freddy & Willy, from Sunday’s group session. These boys were so sweet, and Willy was filled with personality.


Eden giving me high-five and running through the park. Seriously, don’t you love her?


Have you ever seen an apricot pug? Well now you have! This fun girl passed through the park just long enough for me to snap a few photos of her. And she really is apricot colored, not fawn.


I love this shot below. It feels very New York to me.


Willy, the white chi, was quite shy, but warmed up pretty quickly with treats.


Otis loved everything- treats, attention, playing. Such an easygoing puppy.


It was very hot for the dogs, so we made sure they got plenty of H20. Olive liked to be close to her mama. She has a very sweet temperament.


Eden. swoon….


Eden and her daddy Jeremy, co-owner of the aforementioned Birch Coffee. Their relationship reminds me a lot of my relationship with Fergie. Pure love.


Ozzie, the Mave Hotel general manager’s dog and our model for our (real live) commercial shoot on Monday. He was so good for us!



Thank you so much NY dog model parents for taking time out of your busy schedules, coming to our shoots and bringing your pooches! It was awesome to meet these city dogs, and I’ll never forget their sweet mugs. 🙂

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  1. Love these too. Been following you for awhile but don’t comment. The first 5 or 6 of this set are my favs! I really love the expressions you capture.

  2. She’s back! Lovely shots, when are you going to come to old York?? It’s not as exciting as the New one, but we have 2000 year old backdrops to work with…

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