Fergie Ocean trip- part II

Swoonworthy sunsets + my favorite dog = one happy photographer.

View from the balcony of our oceanfront unit the first night we were there.



Her timing was impeccable here. I was so proud of my girl for giving me these shots!


I don’t know how many people reading this have ever been to Washington State, but the sunsets here are *incredible*. The shot below was taken on our last night. I didn’t want to leave.


A new all-time favorite on the right below. It needs a caption. What should the caption be?


Off to NYC! Hope you liked the Fergie Ocean pics and I’ll post some NYC photos upon my return!

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8 thoughts on “Fergie Ocean trip- part II

  1. what fun! i can’t believe it has taken five years to get your sweet girl to the ocean! there are many dog friendly hotels on the oregon and washington coast. one of our favorites is the hallmark inn at cannon beach, or. we take the pugs to the ocean and everyone has a great time!
    great photos as always!

  2. Maybe “Good night and good luck”? 🙂 Either way, loved this whole series. I’m so thankful I live close enough to the dog beach that I can take my pup!

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