hysterical scam email

received last week:

My name is Mary, i am preparing for my wedding which will come up on the 7th of Aug 2010 at location(Ohio). by 10;00 am, As i was searching for the best photographer who will come and snapshot on the D-day. I saw your advert and i am really  impressed about your performance. How much will you collect if you are to snap a shot for  us in the church and reception. we want about 200 copies which will be 5 by 7 size, both in the church and reception which will take place at the same place.And there are up to 40 to 75 people invited.

Just give me the precise amount, i will be paying or amount you will collect for your service.  mind you i will be paying by a cashier cheque in your name. i will be looking forward for your reply.

Awesome. 10 bucks on ‘Mary’ being a nefarious Nigerian scammer who would just *love* to get me involved in some cashier’s check nonsense. It makes me laugh.

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5 thoughts on “hysterical scam email

  1. That’s really creepy because my wedding is on August 7th and in Ohio 🙁 but it’s at 7:45 pm and not in a church 🙂 really weird though that she would ask a pet photographer to photograph a wedding.

  2. Last summer I had a very similar thing happen to me. They “wanted to fly me out to Texas for the ceremony and reception. All expenses covered as well as my time.” They wanted to mail me a check and give them cash for the amount in which they over paid (yes, they told me they would over pay me and I could just give them the money back!)…… Do people really fall for these kinds of scams?!?!?!

  3. This type of email has been circulating for quite some time. On the East Coast here, there was a Nikki from Paris who first sent out a simple inquiry email, with much less detail, and then when you followed up, this one that Jamie got would be sent.

    Interesting to see the different angle for the West Coast photogs.

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