Happy birthday month Fergie!

We are all abuzz here in our little cottage. You see, it’s my darling canine girl’s birthday next Tuesday July 6th. What makes this year so special is not just that she is turning 5 this year, but also this is the first year since her 1st birthday her mom has actually remembered her birthday and has chosen to do something about it (woopsie). I love birthdays because they are a celebration of a person or animal’s life and unique spirit, and the fact that I’ve forgotten her birthday the past 4 years makes me very sad.

SO, I’m making it up to her. Big time. Next Tuesday we are going on a big birthday trip to the ocean for a week (her first ocean trip!) to a place where the dogs can run free on the beach. Fergie LOVES the beach and she is going to be out of her mind with happiness there. A couple of days ago I took her to her dog store and let her pick out a few gifts (to the tune of $200). Last Saturday I came home from my shoot and gave her her first gift, a soccer ball (her first!), which she promptly demolished within 5 minutes, a crazed smile on her face the entire time (see below). I’ve got even more surprises in store for my sweet girl, one of which is a totally custom designed collar. I’ll post pictures here of everything she gets, so you guys can all share the joy with us. I’ll be posting lots of photos of her during her birthday month (including bunches from the ocean trip!), and I’ll feel happiness in my heart knowing that I am celebrating this special pup’s life. I love you with all my heart Fergie girl, happy birthday sweetie.





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8 thoughts on “Happy birthday month Fergie!

  1. our dobermans favorite toy is a basketball that has been flat for years! Guess she likes it because she can carry it around. These pictures just make me happy! Happy Birthday Fergie!

  2. Happy 5th birthday gorgeous Fergie! Sounds like you’re going to be spoilt rotten… just as you should be! ;-P
    Fergie reminds me so much of my first dog, Gypsy. I miss having a dog so much, and really love seeing your dog photos Jaime. Awesome work!! You inspire me and have helped me find the direction I want to head in with my photography. So glad I found your site. 🙂
    *hugs to the birthday girl*

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