You know you’re a pet photographer when…

1. You grow complacent to the dog hairs floating around on your sensor.

2. You see a beautiful photo like THIS,

and immediate think “MAN I wanna photograph those llamas”

(That shot is from the Transworld Expedition. You should follow him.)

3. You know the biggest risk to your equipment isn’t fire, flood, lawsuits, or theft, it’s something called “pug spray”.

4. With your pets draped adorably over you in bed, you spend an hour brainstorming how you can sneak out and grab your camera without them moving

5. You don’t give a second thought to coming home from a shoot with poop, pee, dirt, grass, dog hair, saliva and mucous on your person.

6. You choose your next furry family member with with how photogenic they are as a top criteria, whether you admit it or not.

7. You find it perfectly normal and acceptable to make bizarre noises with your mouth/throat at non-humans in totally public places.

8. You’d pick photographing the ‘world’s ugliest dog’ over the ‘world’s most beautiful human’ any day of the week.

9. You have a secret dream to photograph every dog/cat/rat/rabbit/ferret/horse/guinea pig in the world.

10. You find it impossible to meet a new dog or cat without wondering what they would look like as a JPEG.


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26 thoughts on “You know you’re a pet photographer when…

  1. Hehe, I LOVE it! That is so true, 4 is particularly true for me lol Also, only a dog photographer would count squeeky toys and biscuit treats as essential pieces of kit to have in their camera bags! 🙂

  2. These are pretty much all true for me but the ones that stood out the most? I am planning to get kittens soon, and while all kittens are adorable, they have to be extra adorable to be lend themselves to my camera. And the last one – I have never read a more true statement. Every animal would look great as a JPEG 😀 Fun list – thanks!

  3. LOVE it! Was doing a fundraiser yesterday for a pet group and I remember others apologizing all over the place for the dogs and hair and yes, we had a little one pee on the studio paper and the whole time, I am just loving it and having a laugh! So, this Blog post hit home big time! Love your work and can’t wait to take a workshop one of these days!

  4. Well I’m certainly no pet photographer but I’ve been longing to photograph some local Alpaca’s for a while now! They have such expressive looks on their faces.

    I have also been known to bring my camera to bed with me when I take a nap. The light is perfect for pet photography when I wake up ; )

    Nice list, Jamie.

  5. I am not a pro, but I do shoot a lot of dogs and would have to add one thing to the list: When shooting family and friends you raise your hand over your head to get them to stare at it and then ask who wants a biscuit? Does not work with humans all that well.

  6. Love this post and so true! My boyfriend is so embarrassed when I make funny noises in public at animals. Meowing at a cat or barking at a dog while walking around in San Francisco is perfectly normal, with or without a camera.

  7. So true. #8 and #4 describe me a little too well. #11 You’re dogs are so tired of having their picture taken, they give you that “ugh, more pictures?” look whenever they see you holding a camera.

  8. Oh gosh, I might be guilty of #6. I really wanted a white cat, and last year I got one. He’s been my biggest photographic muse!

  9. This whole post is spot-on and made me smile, but 1, 4, and 7 made me laugh, and reminded me of the days I was at the shelter more frequently. Sooooo true – thanks for the giggle! 🙂

  10. I primarily photograph humans, but I’m a total animal lover and this list is my new fave top 10. #4 happens almost everyday at my house. 🙂

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