Mattie’s storyboards

While I haven’t been doing many shoots lately (January-April is my slow period- damn rain), I have still had my hands full working on client orders and art. Full enough I’m even behind, a state I would really like to give up in 2010. (A new to-do list process + saying no to most things is majorly helping with this!).

Anyhoo, here are some proofs I just finished designing for Mattie’s parents, who are ordering a storyboard 24×36 canvas. Actually, the original plan was to just get one image on a canvas, but in a recent meeting we couldn’t pick which one we liked best, so I said “you know what would be fun? ‘this’ series on one canvas”. And they loved it. And so do I. Now, guess which one they picked. (and sorry about the watermark, these also went on my Facebook page.). The correct guesses get a big “yippee” from me! lol





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9 thoughts on “Mattie’s storyboards

  1. The fourth one is my favorite too. The backgrounds on the first two compete too much with the photos – I like the designs but they make it too hard to focus on the pictures, which are great and should be the most prominent thing, as they are in the last two.

    Great work!

  2. why is the 3rd one have the pix in a different order?
    they are all super cute!
    Since he is in camo I would say the 3rd is the one they picked but I dont know they are all wayyy cute!

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