Sugar Ray- from the archives

I’m missing the kitty shoots, and am about to call a client back who has 7 cats she’d like photographed. I’ve been out of the loop with this move so late in getting back to her, but I hope she’s still interested. I’d love to photograph some kitties!


I have lots more new posts to share with you guys (sorry about the lack of blog love lately!), but I’m still busy catching up with client work and getting my new home set up. My retired interior design mom is coming today to help me determine what to put in my living room. I currently have zero seating furniture and the floor is getting a little hard. Will catch up with y’all soon! Have a terrific weekend! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Sugar Ray- from the archives

  1. in general I am a true dog person and don’t really like cats. however, when it comes to pictures cats are interesting subjects because there is so much pensiveness (i am making that a word if it not actually a word) in their expressions. where dogs are cute, cats have this sultriness that pours out of them.

  2. Hello
    I like cat very much so I always enjoy cat photographs very much.This is a great pose and shot of cat.
    I do appreciate for this good picture..Thanks for such nice post.

  3. I don’t photograph cats very often, but I’d love to as well! Hope you get the shoot with the kitties. And I hope it’s much, much better than my 7 cat shoot experience! 🙂

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