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I am on vacation until January 4th. Because I don’t have a day job, this means no work for me, whoopee! 🙂 Ok, maybe a few hours, but mostly this will be time spent relaxing, playing with the dog, drinking mimosas, going to the park, seeing movies, hanging with friends and family, shopping and other recreational pursuits. Hope y’all are having a lovely end of 2009. I imagine everyone is ready for it to be over!!

Since no post is complete without a photo, here’s Fergie at a cabin at Mt Rainier where she spent Christmas weekend frolicking with her family.



This is the view I had pretty much the entire time we were driving. Fergie with her feet on the console, whining with excitement to see what fun place we were going to next.


Mt Rainier happened to be one of those fun stops.


A shot of Fergie taken at Paradise near the visitor’s center on the left, and a rare shot of yours-truly on the right.




This is what she looked like at the end of each night, and also what she looks like right now, still recovering from her fun 3-day trip.


I LOVE SCRABBLE!!! I won this game with something like 325 points because I’ve been playing every night on my iPhone for months. The hard level. Ohhh yeah. I only win about 50% of the time, but when I do it sure feels good…



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  1. wow I’m so in love with Fergie. When I have a dog I want a dog like Fergie too. So cute!

    I wonder, did you train her by yourself or did she go to obedience classes? And when Fergie was a puppy was she naughty? One day, I would want to own a dog and I hope that it’ll be so cute and obedient like Ferg.

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