Champ is a superadorable little tiny boxer mix. Just the right size to fit in your pocket, stick in your Cooper Mini or smuggle through airports. Ok, he might not be *that* small, but he sure is superadorable.


I like laying in front of the fire too Champ! Especially on nights like tonight, where it is below freezing in Seattle. Brrr..



I big time love this next shot. To me it speaks 100% boxer.


Champ has his very own yellow rain slicker. Hee hee.


Wanna see what it looks like on? Champ proves that you *can* have fun in the rain while wearing a plastic hoodie.


I have no words for this next one.


I nearly peed myself when I spied this graffiti covered wall in the alley behind their backyard. “Can we, can we? Pleeeze?” I asked his parents. “Sure!” came their reply. Game On!


If you have a super well-behaved dog that will sit and stay on command for big chunks of time in unfamiliar environments, and would like to have your pooch involved in my graffiti dogs project, please shoot me an email to with a photo attached and we’ll see what we can set up!


Dog. Snuggle. Heaven. 🙂


Nicole thank you so much for having me out to photograph Champ! I look forward to getting your prints to you. 🙂

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  1. @Steve- no aux light for this one, it was morning and there was a window to the right of the frame, so I just used natural light. In fact, I wish now I had pulled out my flash. Why didn’t I? hmmm

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